Company History

Bss Software

Our company BSS YAZILIM ENGINEERING and CONSULTANCY is especially active in Corrugated Cardboard, Offset Packaging, Offset Printed Bags, Paper Production, Sheet Counting and Digital Automation System (IOT) with 100% image processing and  Printing, Metal Packaging, Wood Packaging, Plastic, which we started to develop in 2023. Packaging is to contribute to the development of our company and our country by marketing ERP Software, Consultancy, Automation and Image Processing Products with high added value in the country and abroad, and to provide the highest level of benefit to the sectors it serves. To achieve all these works with a high level of self-confidence and a happy team.

To be a leading company by constantly differentiating from our competitors in the country and especially abroad, with our detailed, flexible, high-tech and deep analysis solutions that we offer to the sectors in which we operate with our expert team.


How We got started...


In 1991, under the umbrella of TET MÜHENDİSLİK, one of the largest telecommunication centers at that time, the Institution's first entry into the IT industry was concluded. Especially in the first years, activities started in the field of hardware.


TET COMPUTER was established within the scope of intensified informatics activities in 1994 and now all informatics activities are carried out under the roof of this company. We have also become the main distribution channel of Turkey's largest companies in hardware and commercial programs. In addition, the software of technical service and device sales programs, which was our first software, started to be used. In addition, our TET GROUP companies, which are constantly at the forefront of their R&D studies, have also signed many firsts such as the first internal pager in Turkey, the car alarm device with a pager system, and the first chief secretary.




In 1997, TET GROUP OF COMPANIES was formed as 5 companies, with TET YAZILIM company, our second IT company, and two other new companies established. At the same time, Turkey's first technical service management program on technical service management was put into service. He played an important role in the management of all Turkey-wide service and sales networks of the largest institutions of our country such as Alarko-Baymak-Buderus-Viessmann-Vailant in the heating and cooling sector, and Mita, Minolta, Toshiba, Panasonic, Rex Rotary in the photocopy sector. In addition, he continued to work as a leader in many different sectors such as white goods and automotive for many years.


Our company, which became one of the largest software companies in Turkey in its field in 1999, has completed its institutionalization studies with great sensitivity and has become a completely solution-oriented and sought-after company with the solutions it has developed specifically for the sectors. In addition, it has included all the activities of the Software Market company, together with its team.




After leaving the group with TET BİLGİSAYAR in 2000, our first corrugated cardboard packaging adventure started and we started the first analysis and software studies in Turkey that will appeal to a broad base. After a short time, we started to produce ERP solutions for the corrugated cardboard and then the offset packaging industry, with detailed analyzes.


Our ERP under DOS, which we started in 2002 to convert our ERP software, which was initially prepared in the MS-DOS environment, to the Windows structure, which has become popular, especially since 2000, was rewritten in 2004 for the Windows environment. With the aim of turning the size of the sector and the different scales of the operating companies into an advantage, with a modest but diligent work, with 3 different products (win-corrugated, win-offset, and Tetworks). We continued our work with interest in the factories at the highest level. In a short time, we have reached the leading position in the sector by far.




Our company, which continues to progress rapidly in the sector with our increasing number of customers and expanding team, continues its activities with the newly established Technology company BSS YAZILIM. BSS made its first overseas sale to Bulgaria and continued its services abroad by completely translating our multi-language ERP product into Cyrillic alphabet. In addition, falling profit margins and increasing competitive environment have caused serious financial losses in companies and they have started to demand solutions to correct data analysis and eliminate user errors in an environment where data has become too important. As BSS SOFTWARE, we started to develop our plc automation product, especially for machine production data, which is one of the most important data sources. We implemented our automation product with expert teachers at YTU and ITU.


Our company, which has increased its market share in the corrugated cardboard, offset and paper production-sales management ERP systems to 70% in the sector, in addition to the automation solutions it has brought to the sector, has developed the plate counting machine that works with 100% image processing method, which it has developed for the first time in Turkey, and put it into the service of its customers. This product, the patent of which belongs to our company, has been developed in a way that is suitable for development in different categories.




In particular, the fact that some of our customers are engaged in both corrugated and offset and even box packaging activities has revealed the need to combine the work of three different sectors. Therefore, by carrying out serious software R&D work in this framework, we developed all the module studies of the three programs extremely quickly and offered our Win-Project ERP product to our customers and it was used very intensively.


Our company, which started a mobilization with all its units in terms of Institutionalization in 2019, has started to work on a strong infrastructure to serve all companies operating in the packaging sector in the world with Win-premium ERP, which it has started to develop since 2018. In addition, our newly established MOBUY mobile company has been in an effort to add high added value to the products it produces with its newly developed B2B, web and mobile solutions




While the work of our win-premium product continues, we have carried all our barcode works on-line and off-line to the mobile platform with our company MOBUY and made it fully integrated with our Winproject ERP product. At the same time, all our web, mobile and B2B products are likewise winproject. integrated with. These products are also the products that form the main infrastructure of our Premium products. In addition, on the automation side, within the framework of industry 4.0, the intelligent i/o card structure from the plc structure has completed the work for easier and more economical manageable solutions.


Our company, which continues its growth process rapidly despite the pandemic that exploded in 2020 and swept the whole world, continues to serve 90% of the sector in terms of the number of companies in the corrugated cardboard and offset packaging sector as of 2023. With our win-premium product, which we have developed for 5 years and emerged with the latest technologies, we continue to serve with the increasing number of customers and new sectors it has added to its portfolio (metal packaging, cardboard bags, kraft bags, printing house, plastic packaging, pe-based products, glasses, fast food, etc.). continues. Our company, which sets the bar high especially in its target abroad for 2023, develops all its services 100% within its own structure.




We continue to grow in the sector...