WinOfset & WinProject

General Features

Possibility to combine practical, fast and assertive Automatic data exchange between the program and the machines Job planning for all machines with the dynamic planning module Shipment Planning

● Highly detailed waste tracking system
●Offer order conversion
●Product price calculation
●Pre-order cost calculation
●Order form printing
●Automatic supply system on order basis
●Production form printing and tracking of the order
●Ability to divide the same order into more than one terminal
●Combined and combined product order tracking system
●Order product definition graphic and design work
●Order payment and current account connection (Currency Order Tracking)
●Order tracking system (Domestic Market/Import)
●Order confirmation system

●Barcode coil tracking system (with wireless handheld computer)
●Extremely detailed order, production, shipment and sales analysis
● Ability to create your own report with modular reporting
●Tracking the stage of the order with the order and production monitoring screens
●Customer, production, financing and risk analysis and self-control systems
●Product, order and production approval systems
●Dynamic order costing and profit and loss analysis
●Machine performance analysis
●Monthly customer order, production and sales reports
●Unlimited number of photos, videos and audios of the relevant product
●Pallet tracking system
●Paper requirement report
●Product warehouse tracking system on the basis of semi-finished and finished goods