Mobuy B2B

Creating Request for Quotation for Existing and New Products

With the B2B system, offers can be received for the products of the customer registered in WinProject ERP, as well as with the wide feature pool, the customer can describe the products they need and have not produced before, and request a proposal for their new product.

Customer and User Level Authorization System

With its wide authorization structure, the company can authorize both its own users who will use the system and users that it will define for its customers.

Creating Order Requests for Existing and New Products

An order can be requested for the existing or newly defined product through the price lists in the system.

Sipariş Onay

The customer can approve the contract of the order to be approved digitally, without the need to send it to the company in print or by mail.

Getting Offers and Orders for Parcels and Sheets

For parcels and sheets, which are the two most important production items in the corrugated cardboard industry, it is possible to receive offers and orders according to the dynamics of these product groups.

Offer Request Tracking

Requests for offers for both parcel and sheet product group can be followed. It is possible to approve the offer and convert it into an order request, reject it or receive a new offer.

Order Request Trackıng

Order requests for both parcel and sheet product group can be tracked. Transactions of converting the order request into an order, rejecting it or getting a new offer can be realized.

Management of Models That Can Be Used Integrated with ERP

Among the models defined in ERP, the desired ones in the B2B system can be used, the measurement shares of these models can be arranged and formula definitions can be made.

Management of Joining Types that Can Be Used Integrated with ERP

It is possible to use the desired combination types in the B2B system, which are defined in ERP.

Dynamically Page Design of Order Request Page

A flexible and expanding system structure is provided by managing which optional fields can be used on the order request page and how they will be sorted on the screen.

Definition of Price List Based on Customer and Customer Group

The prices given to the customer in the system are calculated instantly, over the defined price lists. These price lists can be defined for general purposes as well as on the basis of customers or grouped customers.

Contract Content Management

With contract content management, customer-specific or general contracts can be defined and various contract terms such as maturity and payment method can be determined flexibly.

Customer Profile Page

Controlling the possibility of viewing the registered system information with the profile page where the customer's information is presented allows for a more transparent communication.

Current Statement, Balance and Collection List Report

With these reports, it is ensured that the customer can view the debt-credit status, the dates and amounts that he made and will make payments, and an effective receivables follow-up with the customer is ensured.

Reporting Module

With the dynamic reporting module, which can be developed for general purposes and specific to the company, it is possible to develop the reports that the company wants to present to its customers, increasing the efficiency of the company in the digital environment and allowing it to improve its relationship with its customers.