Win Manage Administration Panel

General Features

Görüntülenen sonuçları oluşturan verilerin en dip detayına kadar alt raporlar kurgulanabilir.
● Data from multiple different data sources can be interpreted or reported.
● It is a business intelligence management system and is designed for result-oriented studies.
● Hundreds of reports run simultaneously on a single screen.

● The data of more than one different departments can be set up and viewed on the same screen.
● More than one tracking window can be opened on the platform.
● Only the jobs or data to be followed are displayed in the pop-ups. Therefore, thousands of data are not queried one by one.
● Graphics can be loaded dynamically on platforms.
● In the system where hundreds of reports are running, the previous data continues to work instantaneously until the last data is displayed on the screen.
● Therefore, other information is updated simultaneously with the latest information displayed on the screen.
● It can determine the refresh time of the data to be displayed on the screen.
●If you want, you can also activate instant data refresh:
● You can create multiple platforms on the screen
● You can authorize each platform as you wish.
● Thanks to high-level authorization, more than one administrator can use the same system effectively.
● Win-Manager does not harm your existing data in any way, it does not copy your data to another point.

● With its effective structure, Win-manager also analyzes your incorrect, incompletely recorded data in the system.
● Therefore, it allows you to create a solid database.
● Win-Manager is not a data logging system. That's why it only reads, analyzes and interprets previously saved data on your systems.
● There is no reporting limit in Win-Manager, you can watch thousands of reports at the same time.
● Win-Manager is also your administrative assistant with its active and dynamic usage. It is always with you.
● Eliminates user intervention as it receives data directly from the system.
● It quickly prepares analyzes that are sometimes prepared for weeks, in seconds.
● Win-Manager is a real manager, because if you construct your decisions, you can create a serious decision support system within the framework of your fiction.
● If you change your program, you can actively use the same setup in your new programs.