SMART FLASH Corrugated Board Sheet Counter

SMART FLASH Corrugated Board Sheet Counter

The Counting Speed Outdistancing The Competitors

50.000 Images In 2 Seconds

  • The fastest new generation corrugated board sheet counter in the World.

  • 2 meters pallets can be counted in less than 6 seconds at 99% or higher accuracy

  • It is capable of counting all the corrugated sheet types from F-wave to Triplex.

  • It is capable of counting corrugating.

  • It captures about 50.000 images for each counting and process it in 2 seconds thanks to camera technology and the ultra-fast algorithm.

  • It counts by making use of 5 different region to eliminate effect of local defects on the flute area.

  • It utilizes 100% image processing compared to competitors which rely on height information as well. Thus, smart flash has a very high accuracy even it case of hamped and thicker products.

  • It verifies each and every flute individually.

  • It can count very fast and accurate thanks to patent pending counting algorithm.

  • It is developed in collaboration with universities having expertise in imaging systems.

Smart Levha Sayım Makinesi
High Counting Speed
  • It has passed throughout the 1 year field test phase.

  • It works with full integration in current ERP systems of the factories.

  • In the manufacturing plants which have an average monthly production of 1000 tons, it will compensate its cost in less than months.

  • It provides prestige and confidence because of exact number in the delivery.

  • Since the thickness value is not taken into account, time varying take-up factors do not affect the counting accuracy

  • Since it is fully based on image processing, it will count correctly even in the case of humped and thicker products.

  • Multi-language support.

  • Instant and fast support with remote access.

  • It captures 2 meters height pallet in more than 100 megapixels resolutions.