Plc Automation For Paper Roll Stand

Plc Automation For Paper Roll Stand

With the encoder installed on every paper roll stand and PLC panels installed on each group through the PLC automation for paper roll stand, the consumption values of each active paper roll, how much kg is used for which combination, returning of remaining paper rolls to the warehouse, cross checking of consumer paper rolls, costs of produced combinations over the paper they were used for are calculated.

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Plc Automation For Paper Roll Stand

The operation method and benefits of this system are as follows:

  • The operation will be as follows; the same employee shall enter the dispatch note of the arrived paper rolls and print out label for each paper roll and enter them to the system one by one. The labels, which are defined below, will be attached on the relevant paper rolls, and no extra work should take place.

  • Output of the paper rolls to the production will be made through the handheld terminals or wired barcode readers on the kiosks, and the relevant roll stand will be defined while the paper roll is sent for production.

  • Kiosk industrial computers will be installed on the paper roll stand, and the specially prepared paper roll stand module will run on these computers. Paper rolls sent for the paper roll stand from the paper roll warehouse will be shown here, and the relevant employee will mark the active paper roll only when the paper roll will be replaced. As the paper roll stand system receives the instantly operating combination directly from the corrugated, the employee will be able to match the paper rolls with the relevant combination easily.

  • A barcode printer will be installed on the kiosks available on paper roll stand. For the paper rolls returning to the warehouse from the paper roll stand, a label will be printed from these printers and the acceptance procedures for the half paper rolls to the warehouse will be carried out in the same way. This acceptance to the warehouse procedure can also be carried out from the handheld terminals..

  • This paper roll label will include details such as paper weight, paper type, paper width, stock and barcode no. etc.

  • The same serial no. will be used for the paper rolls returned back to the warehouse as half.

  • Production traceability will be available. In case more than one paper rolls are used for a combination particularly in the works with high length, information on which paper roll is used for which combination will be recorded.